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Bridging Lanka is undergoing a transition from a group of pioneers to a formal well-established organisation. The initial task was to identifying a constructive role for members of the diaspora at this juncture in Sri Lanka’s history and to develop a model of post-conflict engagement.

After almost four years as ‘Diaspora Lanka’, its members have opted for a name change to Bridging Lanka. This name will be registered both in Sri Lanka and Australia to better reflect its purpose – to bridge ethnic, religious and geographic divides.

MM trust

MM Trust

In Mannar where most of our grounded work occurs, we have established the Mannarin Marumalarchi Trust (‘the renaissance of Mannar’). In late 2011, a 10 year vision for Mannar’s development was articulated by the people who identified six sectors for improvement.

The Trustees will coordinate the action of the six sectors – women and community development, eco-tourism, town planning, business development, education and environment.