Sustainable Livelihoods

Vulnerable communities and families with whom we work face constant stresses. Helping people develop livelihoods that can recover from and thrive after unexpected shocks require longer-term support. We embrace the life-circumstances of those we work with and together enhance their capacity to develop and sustain self-managed micro-enterprises.

Environmental Health

Our environment is a major determinant of our health and wellbeing. In the communities in which we work, we aim for robust solutions that better sustain life, addressing potential hazards that affect soil quality, food safety, water supply, spread of disease and biodiversity.

Urban Improvement

The challenge of urban planning and infrastructure development in a resource-poor context compels us to identify the factors affecting community vulnerability and risk and empowering them to contribute potential solutions. We urge dialogue, advocacy and leadership that incorporate cross-cutting issues like environmental, gender and other social considerations.

Social Cohesion

Social Cohesion in areas where social anxiety and cultural division separates communities, we strive toward creating the conditions and programs that lead towards tolerance and community harmony. We work with all factions, acknowledging their pain, searching for common ground and embracing a cohesive vision.

Holistic Education

In a context where rote and uncritical learning that satisfy examiners is the norm, we strive to support the whole child, young person or adult – their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development – preparing them for life, not just for testing.

Animal Welfare

As “animals are sentient beings that are conscious, feel pain, and experience emotions” we are committed to ensuring that the animals in our custody are free from pain, injury and disease, adequately cared for and that animal-human conflicts are mediated and addressed.

Nurturing Youth

The post-war reality of young people has changed dramatically through outside influences both positive and harmful. We are dedicated to ‘holding’ youngsters who are being overwhelmed by technology rather than love and despair than hope – expressed through anger and violence, substance abuse and self-harm.

Responsible Tourism

Tourism to the North of Sri Lanka is just getting going. A primary goal of Bridging Lanka is to learn from the mistakes elsewhere of tourism ‘at any cost’ and to pursue an ethically driven model. Its roll out will ensure tourism operators, their products and services will be founded on respectful global connectedness, minimising negative environmental and social impacts, increasing economic benefit, showcasing local culture and heritage and most importantly providing a meaningful and enjoyable experience for tourists.