Fighting Fit

Gym Training 4

How can constructing a gym in Sri Lanka help young people find a constructive life path and resist the modern ills of the west – addiction to social media, alcohol, drugs and porn? For males developing a gym body is the first step toward health. For females, yoga classes and zumba dance help them make inner and outer connection. Your tax deductible financial contribution will make you a partner in this life changing initiative.

Touching Hearts Lending Hands

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Support us in reaching our target of $15,000 This campaign is to urgently raise funds for disaffected youth that need our help. Lack of education, job prospects and vocational pathways, the ever increasing cost of living, and the pandemic, have all made conditions dire, with many at their tipping point.

Killing Disease

We have stumbled upon a disease with a death sentence – chronic kidney disease among farming families in northern Sri Lanka. Increased chemicals in agriculture are reacting with ‘heavy metal’ soils and poisoning the ground water. An urgent response is needed to save lives.

Cafe Arokkiya Livelihoods

Imagine a group of widows busy preparing traditional Tamil food and fusion dishes in a busy modern café with groups of tourists and locals rubbing shoulders in downtown Adampan, Mannar District, AND creating a viable livelihood in the process.

Protect Forests...Launch Careers

Fresh eco-friendly career options are energising isolated and jobless young people in Kunchukulam, as an alternative to livelihoods that destroy forests and kill protected animals.

Kulam Rehabilitation

With local villagers we are creating a ‘demonstration’ kulam to show the broader community how their encroached and rubbish infested ponds can be transformed into beautiful and productive public spaces.

Donkey Clinic Centre

A great initiative that combines animal welfare and village development. After three long years, we have finally built the Donkey Clinic facility and we are treating injured donkeys. We now need to make the operation sustainable.

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