Head office based role/ Management

Needed when: Now

Duration: 2 weeks+

Role: Work with the executive director and office staff to plan projects and assist in their delivery and successful management. This may include some paperwork, project visits, photographing or videoing on-going projects and successes.

Donkey Clinic

Needed when: Now

Duration: 1 week+

Role: Assist with caring for the donkeys at our clinic including

  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Injury recovery
  • Management of the clinic and presentations
  • Assisting visitors

Pre-school build

Needed when: Mid 2022

Duration: 2 weeks – 5 months

Role: We are looking for volunteers to help with the construction of a new pre-school. The role could include:

  • Hands on construction, assisting the building contractor
  • Monitoring of the works to ensure construction is as per quality and design
  • Escalating problems and concerns to managers at the charity and assisting with their resolution
  • Taking photographs of progress
  • Producing progress reports and communications
  • Building relationships with builders and locals
  • Hard working and keen

Playground renovation

Needed when: March – April 2022

Duration: 1 – 4 weeks

Role: We are looking for a team of volunteers to assist with the renovation of a children’s playground, which in recent years, has fallen into disrepair.

  • Plan what works are required
  • Purchase materials
  • Tidy site
  • Repair damaged structures and equipment
  • Re-planting
  • Working with the charity and locals to produce a sustainable plan for the park’s continued maintenance and use.
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