Marc, Rick and Ashley will parachute into Kunchukulam on the outskirts of old growth forests to assist dedicated young people build a multipurpose hall – café, workshop space, lounge for relaxing and co-working facility.

IT Platform (ITP) aims is to computerize businesses, schools, villages and government services in Mannar District. As Mannar recovers from a war-affected past, this single aim could do more to develop Mannar than most other initiatives. ITP is also a youth-run business in a region with very high youth unemployment rates.

DAT brings together two lesser affirmed groups in Mannar – children with special needs and donkeys.

Spiire directors and staff enjoyed a lavish breakfast as they caught up with the adventures of Julia Hurley who volunteered on a urban improvement project in Sri Lanka. 

The Women’s Food Company is a pilot initiative to establish a catering service, operated by widows, for the culinary needs of the large pilgrim population to Mannar.

We are inching closer to gaining approval for the construction of the donkey clinic and community education centre.

Over 100 guests chattered long and hard, laughed, were inspired by the music and the message and generally had a great 'hopper feed'! We raised $2,300 for our projects in the north of Sri Lanka.

Affected by changes to Australian laws, a Sri Lankan asylum seeker from the North, was stranded in Indonesia with no means of support.

A close and mutual partnership is developing between the Office of National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) and Bridging Lanka.