IT Platform (ITP) aims is to computerize businesses, schools, villages and government services in Mannar District. As Mannar recovers from a war-affected past, this single aim could do more to develop Mannar than most other initiatives. ITP is also a youth-run business in a region with very high youth unemployment rates.

When ITP successfully negotiates a computer maintenance contract with schools and government agencies, it has to think twice about the profitability of such an opportunity. Servicing one client in an outlying part of the district can use up the best part of a working day. A return trip of two hours on a motorbike compares with seven hours or more by bus.

The Rotary Club of Bentleigh & Moorabbin Central has generously donated $1,800 for a Honda Hero Splendor NXG motorbike. The all-inclusive price of this transport option is $1,800. Ongoing maintenance and other costs will be borne by ITP.