Sustainable Livelihoods – vulnerable communities and families with whom we work face constant stresses. Helping people develop livelihoods that can recover from and thrive after unexpected shocks require longer-term support.  We embrace the life-circumstances of those we work with and together enhance their capacity to develop and sustain self-managed micro-enterprises. Read more…

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Kunchukulam Forest Retreat – a youth-managed guesthouse that brings the tourist experience back to basics and grounded in nature. Situated on the northern tip of Wilpattu National Park the Forest Retreat is a springboard to rich flora, fauna and cultural experiences. Encounter wildlife, swim in pristine waters and engage in village life –

Kunchukulam Responsible Tourism – in close proximity of Wilpattu Forest we focus on three isolated villages where the youth unemployment rate is a staggering 49%. As an alternative to illegal livelihoods – logging, sand and gravel mining and killing of protected animals – we are developing a legal and responsible career path through ecotourism ventures with local young people. Guided forest walks, cultural immersion, visits to ancient sites and local cuisine are all operated by Kunchukulam’s youth.

Cafe Arokkiya – is a multipurpose community hub centred on a commercial kitchen and cafe operated by a group of valiant, resilient women. The hub’s vision is to encourage the war-affected community of Adampan to embrace ‘arokkiya’ (Tamil for ‘wellbeing’) – encouraging better nutrition, providing livelihoods for vulnerable groups, trialling organic agriculture, providing English and IT education and a recreational outlet for young people. A comprehensive skills capacity building program was funded through the Australian Government’s Friendship Grants Program.

Sasi’s Laundry Service – a micro enterprise to supplement the household income of a local widow. Sasi provides a laundry service for the cafe, the rooms for rent and for people in the community who need their clothes washed and ironed.

Manthai DS Canteen – a canteen for the many staff of the divisional secretariat office operated by Stela and her band of women. Their food hits the spot of hungry workers wanting an early breakfast or tea and short eats at break time.

Pavan Grinding Mill – a rice and spice grinding facility that services the needs of paddy farmers and women from villages in a fifteen kilometre radius. The mill was established to cut out the ‘middle-men’ who exploited the locals by milling these products outside Mannar and reselling them back to the community at unaffordable prices. 

Social Cohesion – in areas where social anxiety and cultural division separates communities, we strive toward creating the conditions and programs that lead towards tolerance and community harmony. We work with all factions, acknowledging their pain, searching for common ground and embracing a cohesive vision.  Read more…

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Towards Religious Harmony – an Australian Government funded project which aims to (a) better understand the causal factors which have led to an alarming increase in violence towards Sri Lanka’s minority religious communities particular Muslim in recent years; (b) identify grounded approaches to reducing attacks against person, property and places of worship; and © trial realistic civil society responses that aim to foster respectful and harmonious inter-religious interaction, relations and cohesion.

Moulavis in Leadership – this pilot initiative aims to increase the capacity of Mannar’s Muslim clerics, Moulavis, to provide effective leadership and guidance to their Muslim followers in the face of modern and global challenges. A program of training including English competency and basic computer skills will be augmented by sessions designed to build Moulavis’ leadership capacity and broaden their world-view to critically engage with the issues of our times.

Ambala Public Acknowledgement – with the aim of strengthening bonds, the Muslim community of Ambala, Kandy District, paid their gratitude to their Sinhala Buddhist neighbours in a public acknowledgement ceremony for protecting them during a period of communal violence that occurred in the District in March 2018. In gratitude, 36 Muslim families of Ambala held a ceremony at the Buddhist Temple to acknowledge their virtuous actions. Over 450 attended the event which helped to bring both the Muslim and Buddhist communities even closer together. The event was facilitated by Bridging Lanka.

Environmental Health – our environment is a major determinant of our health and wellbeing. In the communities in which we work, we aim for robust solutions that better sustain life, addressing potential hazards that affect soil quality, food safety, water supply, spread of disease and biodiversity.  Read more…

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Kulam Protection & Rehabilitation


Transition to Organics

Kunchukulam Forest Walks

Holistic Education – in a context where rote and uncritical learning that satisfy examiners is the norm, we strive to support the whole child, young person or adult – their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development – preparing them for life, not just for testing.  Read more…

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Youth Empowerment & Advancement Hub (YEAH) – young people, particularly those without employment have the opportunity of learning IT and English 

Donkey Clinic & Education Centre (DCEC)

Adampan Community Education Space (ACES)

Donkey Assisted Therapy (DAT)

Urban Improvement – the challenge of urban planning and infrastructure development in a resource-poor context compels us to identify the factors affecting community vulnerability and risk and empowering them to contribute potential solutions.  We urge dialogue, advocacy and leadership that incorporate cross-cutting issues like environmental and social considerations. Read more…

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Kunchukulam Transport Study

Santhipuram Children’s Park

Mannar Kulam 

Santhipuram Housing & Drainage Study

Mannar Urban Plan

Mannar Land Use Survey

Animal Welfare – as “animals are sentient beings that are conscious, feel pain, and experience emotions” we are committed to ensuring that the animals in our custody are free from pain, injury and disease, adequately cared for and that animal-human conflicts are mediated and addressed.  Read more…

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Donkey Rescue Service – local residents call regularly to inform us of yet another donkey in pain. Urban donkeys face a difficult time and frequently fall prey to vehicular accidents, human cruelty or fights among themselves. Our rescue team heads off to assess the situation. If a minor injury, donkeys are treated on the spot; otherwise brought to the donkey clinic for more intense treatment.

Donkey Clinic – a professional veterinary service is provided to the many injured and maimed donkeys that are brought to the donkey clinic. Some are so severely injured that they cannot be saved. Most donkeys live to tell a tale of love and care at the hands of our veterinary doctor and donkey welfare officers. They are assessed, administered painkillers and treated. Once healed – and this may take three months for a broken leg – the donkeys are released to their original environs. Those who may not survive in the real world are kept permanently at the centre.

Hendro Animal Rescue Centre

Nurturing Youth – the post-war reality of young people has changed dramatically through outside influences both positive and harmful. We are dedicated to ‘holding’ youngsters who are being overwhelmed by technology rather than love and despair than hope – expressed through anger and violence, substance abuse and self-harm.  Read more…

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Eats & Beats – fortnightly food, live music and dance events are providing a safe recreational opportunity for young people at Cafe Arokkiya. This event has a three-fold objective, to (i) create a new youth customer clientele for the cafe, (ii) provide wholesome enjoyment and recreation for youngsters who willingly turn to substance abuse to escape boredom in an area with few recreational outlets, and (iii) encourage musical and performance based skills in youth. Our Eats & Beats trials have pointed to introducing opportunities for dancing as local youngsters are ever so dance crazy.

Youth Nation – a youth instigated group in Digana, Kandy District, committed to improving relations among Muslims, Sinhalese and Tamils in the aftermath of the Digana communal conflict of March, 2018. The group aims to (a) identify ways to develop meaningful social interaction among the groups; (b) undertake social service activities that benefit all communities; and (c) address common youth issues eg drug addiction. Youth Nation aims to establish a youth drop in centre in Digana Town.

Inner Gym Program – a different and personal development initiative to assist young people seeking inner strength and resilience to get their lives on a positive track, kick substance abuse, deal with anger and aggression, balance social media with real time relations, find an appropriate career path and negotiate a rapidly changing world. Drop In Not Out – the offer of safe space to negotiate intense and troubling situations including conflict with parents, falling behind in studies, surviving ‘love failures’. Personal support and counselling and even a temporary place to stay will be offered for those who require such support.

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