Vision Mannar  

Vision Mannar is a district-wide business initiative that aims to develop boutique businesses based on Mannar’s famous products for tourist and export markets: mainly rice, dry fish, salt and palmyrah. Although Mannar was once famous for such products, the district did not benefit from this because of a lack of product development; branding and packaging; a reluctance to embrace new technology; and low standards in all stages of manufacturing and production.

This project has many objectives -  to value add to existing Mannar products, develop and promote high quality items for external markets, build the capacity of small and medium enterprises to produce export quality goods and to reduce regional poverty and high levels of unemployment (particularly for vulnerable groups).  External funding of this project is essential.


Computerizing Mannar Villages (CMV)

To address the inequities between urban and rural areas within Mannar District and to provide a solid foundation of computer, IT and English ability for young people, two CMV centres have been established in Vidathaltheevu (Catholic) and Pudukudiruppu (Muslim) villages. Computer training and English language classes are being run for children and young people to serve as a basis for a brighter future. The CMV program is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of ITP and is being coordinated by Kamal Raj and Al Hathir.

IT Platform

Mannar IT Platform

Eight young entrepreneurs and five staff in their 20s have commenced a business to provide computer services to underpin development in Mannar District, stalled as a result of 30 years of war. The business outlet offers graphic and web design services, computer repairs and maintenance, printing and photocopying facilities and spare parts sales. Recently ITP has established two outposts under the Computerizing Mannar Villages program. Bridging Lanka assists with financial support, sourcing business and technical mentors and funding training and professional development.

Mannar Chamber


Mannar Chamber capacity building

Support the Mannar Chamber of Commerce in building its capacity to deliver effective services to the more than 500 small and medium enterprises in Mannar. Invest in the development of local institutions like the Mannar Chamber to become a sustainable and business-enabling part of the local infrastructure through financial contributions toward the wages of the CEO and Administrative Assistant.

The Chamber will act as the catalyst for a post-war business sector revival. It will offer business planning workshops, facilitate investment flow into the district, conduct corporate visioning exercises to capitalise on identified future opportunities and develop sector specific services in hospitality, construction, retail and fishing.