Kulam Encroached 020

Rehabilitation of the kulam (ponds)

Once approximately eighty ponds or kulams adorned the Island. Now only some twelve remain. During the wet season, kulams acted as drainage catchment areas. They were also culturally and historically significant. More recently the kulams have been encroached, filled and built upon, thus creating annual urban flooding. The remaining kulams will be rehabilitated into attractive green and recreational open spaces where residents can enjoy social, health and economic pursuits.

Kunchukulam Walk 1 

forest trail for eco tourism

Significant forest areas in Kunchukulam, Mannar District, are under threat from sand and gravel mining and land clearing for cultivation. Our aim is to provide alternative forest-based livelihoods and in the process develop eco-friendly tourist enterprises with local unemployed young people. Our vision is for a range of forest walks, river-based aquatic activities and village homestays for the green tourist as a means of livelihood creation and protection of the significant flora and fauna of this area.

Organic Farming 1

promoting organic farming

Mannar District was a major 'rice bowl' of Sri Lanka prior to the war. The Giants' Tank fed the thirsty paddy fields and villagers reaped a bountiful harvest. Since the war, the lifting of the ban on chemical fertilisers and weed suppressants in the North, has contributed toward the poisoning of waterways and hence crops. The result has been high levels of chronic kidney disease and cancer. 

To remedy this we are working with six farmers in Adampan who have offered half an acre each to trial organic cultivation. If successful we hope to expand this shift to organic approaches not only for paddy but also for vegetable cultivation.


Improved beaches – a tourist draw card

Mannar possesses safe and lazy beaches adjoining attractive palmayrah and coconut plantations in proximity to cool fresh-water streams. Shramadana programs will involve local people clearing the beaches of rubbish. They will also be supported to establish food kiosks, change rooms and shower facilities to attract domestic and international visitors.