Community advocacy

Community advocacy

Upon invitation, Diaspora Lanka advocates on behalf of different community groups to local, provincial and central government agencies in order to influence effective information sharing, equal access to services and resources or broker a conflict. 

This involves many meetings and conversations with politicians, officials, government reps and community leaders in Mannar and in Colombo.


Interfaith interethnic dialogue

The deteriorating relationship between Muslims, Christians and Hindus, particularly over issues of land is impacting on the effectiveness of rebuilding efforts. The war dispossessed Muslims of land and livelihood and they are seeking redress. The Tamils are anxious about returning Sinhala families who once lived in Mannar decades ago. Increased tension between Catholics and evangelical Christians has led to violent outbursts. This initiative seeks to understand the complex nature of these relationshps and to explore ways to achieve peaceful co-existence.

Amity Mannar

Amity Mannar

The next generation is the key to achieving a durable peace in Sri Lanka.  Young people from villages across Mannar District are being groomed as peace makers to counter ethnic and religious tensions in the community.  A new model is being developed which incorporates fun, vocational advancement and skills in peace building.  Two day programs in targeted villages aim to recruit and skill up Mannar's youngsters.

Focus group

Focus groups

A number of focus groups are conducted each year. It is our way of touching base with the views of the people on the ground including women, young people, former internally displaced persons, professionals, people from diverse religious backgrounds. We ask questions about the future and present, whether a separate or unitary Sri Lanka is desirable, their most pressing issues, views on the nation and reconciliation. Diaspora Lanka formulates their positions on these local views.


Mannar Premier League

MPL had successful seasons in 2011, 2012, 2013 and more recently in 2014. The hardball cricket tournament bring together local and provincial teams to fight it out over 40 games.

In a place where there is little entertainment for young people, cricket is proving to be promising grounds for reconciliation through recreational sport. Bridging Lanka assists the inspired organisers with attracting sponsors and gaining official recognition for the MPL.


Hard ball cricket tournament video