Needed when: Now

Duration: 1 – 6 months

Background: The main aim of Café Arokkiya is to provide gainful employment and catering training to widows and vulnerable women in Manthai West division – one of the worst affected areas during the 25 year civil war. Unfortunately over recent years, coronavirus has badly affected the restaurant and it is currently not breaking even. 

Role: We are looking for someone with experience as a chef in a restaurant or commercial kitchen. The women currently working in the kitchen know how to cook basic Sri Lankan cuisine however lack experience cooking for high numbers of people in a professional kitchen environment.

The work would include the following elements:

  • Learn to cook Sri Lankan cuisine and about the local demands and tastes
  • Learn about local ingredients, especially availability and prices
  • Take the knowledge and experience of the current chefs and use your professional experience to train them how to scale up production to the efficiency and professionalism of a successful commercial kitchen.
  • Be creative, energetic and empathetic with an understanding that this is a social enterprise as well as a business.
  • Assist the restaurant manager where needed with stock management, purchasing and financial reporting.
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