Two rich education and fieldwork experiences for school groups, undergrads and postgrad students in a diverse range of subject offerings

1) Schools: Bridging Lanka can tailor a niche leadership and learning experience for schools that wish their students to have ‘real world’ experiences in overseas development contexts. This can be an intensive ‘hands on’ project to achieve a tangible outcome, a more generalised and initial exposure to a different cultural context or an alternative ‘schoolies’ challenge to undertake activities with purpose while having fun.

2) For undergrads and postgrads there are opportunities to undertake course requirements through a field placement. Bridging Lanka will design an educational experience that pits theory against practice resulting in deep learning. Here are some disciplinary areas: international development, women’s empowerment, veterinary medicine, urban development, food industry (hospitality, retail, health & community), peace & conflict, tourism development, education…

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