Located in Mannar Town

The Main Office

  • Administrative centre
  • Meetings
  • Youth residential trial
  • Santhipuram children’s park
  • Kulam protection and rehabilitation
  • Volun-tourism
  • Urban planning and improvements
Located in Mannar Town

Little Trees Nurtury Preschool

  • Early childhood education for 2 1/2 to 5 year olds
  • Our pedagogy is play-based, child-led inquiry, where children construct meaning through multi-mediums – drama, music, dance, painting, language, maths and science.    
  • Better Parenting Program
  • Part of our long term drug prevention strategy starting in children’s formative years
Located in Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mannar
Located in Mannar Town

Powerhouse Gym & Fitness Centre

  • Full gym facilities
  • Individualised fitness programs
  • Personal training by qualified fitness trainers
  • Nutrition planning
  • Inner Gym Workout – strengthening the inner person and dealing positively to 21st century challenges
Located in Olaithoduwai, Mannar Island
Located in Murunkan, Nanattan

Donkey Assisted Therapy (DAT) Centre

  • Specially trained donkeys provide effective therapy for special needs children and young adults
  • Bonding with donkeys through grooming, feeding and training them stimulates the participants’ development of important life skills.
Located in Adampan, Manthai West

Café Arokkiya

  • Livelihoods for vulnerable groups eg widows and jobless youngsters
  • Catering service
  • Organic paddy and vegetable cultivation
  • Transition to organic food
  • Eats & Beats youth musical program
  • Mini-gym – physical, mental and emotional health
Located in Olaithoduwai, Mannar

Hendro Animal Rescue Centre

  • Street dog and cat sterilisation
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Organic cultivation demonstration site
  • Edu-tourism
Located in Kunchukulam, Madhu

Kunchukulam Community Response

  • Youth-managed guesthouse
  • Responses to village issues eg  youth unemployment, Chronic Kidney Disease and safe drinking water
  • Eco tourism eg guided forest walks, camping and swimming
  • Youth empowerment hub – IT, English and career development
  • Organic cultivation
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