As “animals are sentient beings that are conscious, feel pain, and experience emotions” we are committed to ensuring that the animals in our custody are free from pain, injury and disease, adequately cared for and that animal-human conflicts are mediated and addressed. 

Donkey Rescue Service


Local residents call regularly to inform us of yet another donkey in pain. Urban donkeys face a difficult time and frequently fall prey to vehicular accidents, human cruelty or fights among themselves. Our rescue team heads off to assess the situation. If a minor injury, donkeys are treated on the spot; otherwise brought to the donkey clinic for more intense treatment.

Donkey Clinic

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A professional veterinary service is provided to the many injured and maimed donkeys that are brought to the donkey clinic. Some are so severely injured that they cannot be saved. Most donkeys live to tell a tale of love and care at the hands of our veterinary doctor and donkey welfare officers. They are assessed, administered painkillers and treated. Once healed – and this may take three months for a broken leg – the donkeys are released to their original environs. Those who may not survive in the real world are kept permanently at the centre. We are exceptionally grateful to Animal Aid Abroad for funding our clinic operation.

Hendro Animal Rescue Centre

 In 2012 Bridging Lanka was approached by the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance (TAPA) to help them sterilise Mannar’s burgeoning number of street dogs. 498 dogs (and 3 cats) were sterilised. That was the last time an operation of that scale was undertaken. Now in 2020 the street dog population is in excess of 3,000 and rising sharply. Without sterilisation, new generations of animals will abound. Part of the vision of Hendro is to sterilise and vaccinate animals resulting in humane animal population control, reducing rabies and dog bites and reducing the threat of mass killing of animals. Animal Aid Abroad a Perth-based animal welfare agency is financially supporting us to establish this facility for this purpose. The Sri Lanka government is keen to partner us in this venture.

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