Donating to Bridging Lanka

Thank you for supporting our essential work! Bridging Lanka is a public benevolent institution with the following endorsements:

  • Charitable Status with the Australian Charities & Not for Profits Commission
  • Deductible Gift Recipient Status – all donations are tax deductible
  • Charity Tax Concession with the Australian Taxation Office

    Name: Bridging Lanka Ltd
    Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    BSB: 063010
    Account No.: 11837067

How to Donate

Please choose a donation option and fill out the relevant form.

Regular pledge

Join the Bridging Lanka Circle and make a regular payment to our bank account. Sign up by filling in this form with your details.

Direct bank deposit

‘No fee’ transfer to the Bridging Lanka account (details above) on one or more occasions. Send us an email or fill in our form confirming

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Once-off donation

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“Vision, energy and love drive Jeremy Liyanage and Bridging Lanka’s responsive, purposeful projects. Having volunteered twice, I appreciate the incredible resourcefulness and struggle behind actions, people and photos showcased in BL reports. With minimal funds and deep humanity, Bridging Lanka is building strong minds, hearts, bodies, job skills and community leadership of young people, sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, relief from poverty and peaceful resolution of conflict.”

Jan Gillies, Gold Coast, Australia

“We support Bridging Lanka with a monthly donation because we can see the difference it makes to the lives of poor people and families. Regular donations are value for money because Bridging Lanka has low overhead costs, works with volunteers, and receives co-contributions from the Australian Government. Bridging Lanka’s grassroots projects help young people find purpose, support women’s livelihood and gender equality, and create ongoing employment opportunities for the local community.”

Steve & Ellen Dunn
Melbourne, Australia

”We support Bridging Lanka for many reasons. We believe its flexible, grassroots approach to community development and long-term commitment to embed in Mannar provides the most meaningful and sustainable results. We like how each project area ticks so many boxes in terms of positive social outcomes and flow-on effects. BL’s practice framework is grounded and ethical, and its commitment to Mannar and Sri Lanka is genuine. Much is achieved on a very tight budget.”

Nigel & Patricia Sloss
Brisbane, Australia

How will your pledge benefit poorer areas of Sri Lanka?

Your pledge to Bridging Lanka goes directly to supporting vulnerable communities in Mannar District, Northern Sri Lanka with:

  • Sustainable livelihoods – enhancing the capacity of vulnerable people to develop and sustain self-managed micro-enterprises for income security – such as providing a job at Café Arokkiya for a war widow.
  • Environmental health – aiming for robust solutions that better sustain life and health and address hazards to soil and water quality, food safety and biodiversity – such as supporting paddy farmers to go organic without the use of deadly agro-chemicals.
  • Social cohesion –creating the conditions that lead to tolerance and community harmony in areas of communal fracture – such as encouraging Muslim young people to build trust with the local Buddhist community in a place that experienced anti-Muslim violence.
  • Nurturing youth – responding to deeper youth issues caused by war, growing substance use, social media and globalization that stymie young people’s growth – such as offering strong support and residential care for those who want to kick their dependence on alcohol, drugs and violence.
  • Urban improvement – addressing the challenge of urban planning and infrastructure development in resource-poor Mannar through grounded, place-specific urban responses – such as building a children’s park in an impoverished village.
  • Holistic education – supporting the ‘whole’ child, young person and adult – their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development and preparing them for life, not just for passing exams – such as providing donkey assisted therapy for disabled children that builds their self-esteem and teaches them life skills.
  • Animal welfare – ensuring that animals including feral donkeys and street dogs and cats are adequately cared for and that animal-human conflicts are mediated – such as rescuing injured street animals, treating them at our clinic and bringing them back to health.
  • Responsible tourism – pursuing an ethical model, of global connectedness, minimal ecological and social impact and increased financial gain through showcasing local culture – such as creating employment for young people through forest-based tourism.

What do you get?

  • Knowledge that your pledge is making a real difference in changing people’s lives
  • Tax receipts at the end of the financial year for income tax deductions
  • Opportunity to visit the projects and also stay on as a volunteer
  • Invitations to special events, workshops and forums in Australia
  • Regular updates about our empowering district development work in Sri Lanka.

“Mannar is certainly always in our hearts. We think fondly of our time there. There is a freedom in landing as a volunteer and a chance to reinvent a little in a new environment. Memories of connecting to people, projects and life in Mannar has coloured our views and understanding of the world, of offering more compassion, patience, creativity and care. So many meals, moments and ideas were shared, leaving lasting friendships.”

Saya Lorback & Dr Paul Yates, Melbourne, Australia

“I volunteered in this impoverished area of Northern Sri Lanka looking at ways to provide affordable safe drinking water and options to the overuse of chemicals in subsistence food production. I now assist in the provision of adequate and ongoing funding for the key projects run by  Bridging Lanka, as a little can mean so much to people in need. Our contributions can save lives.”

David Singleton, Gold Coast, Australia

“I support Bridging Lanka because they listen to the community and do what is needed to support the whole system – people, environment, and of course the donkeys!”

Denise Cauchi, Melbourne, Australia

Why is a regular pledge better?

To adequately plan and implement our important development work, we need a reliable financial base. Your weekly/monthly/annual pledge through the Bridging Lanka Circle enables us to build a sustainable operation which can respond quickly and flexibly to human need in a dynamic and ever-changing context.